Why buy from Ibherdesign?

Our store is one of the best virtual stores in the category. Our Online Shopping Technology is the latest in the market (HTML5).
It allows a speed of the photo gallery visualization and display of videos of the products, in a unique way, where they put us in the forefront of the Portuguese Electronic Commerce. Here you have privacy, do not be embarrassed by the presence of other people, buy in the comfort of your home or office, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, do not waste time in traffic and especially, has a service where the customer is priority.
In addition, only Ibherdesign guarantees 100% security in the purchase and the guarantee that you are buying an original and quality product.

Is this site safe?

YES. All data provided to us through this website is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certified by UNICRE Portugal and, for your security, will not be available through Internet servers. SSL technology allows secure information to be passed over the Internet with complete security, as a “key” is used that “shuffles” the data when it leaves your computer, and only returns to the original state when it arrives on the destination computer , Rendered useless if intercepted by anyone.)
The data provided herein will be considered restricted and credit card numbers will be deleted after use.
Our site has the Secure ScanAlert® 3D System, a solution based on the TPAV (Virtual Automatic Payment Terminal) technological platform that allows the acceptance of Visa and MasterCard systems. The solution enables unambiguous authentication of all parties involved in an E-commerce transaction, and the card user can not repudiate the transaction (it only applies to Visa transactions, since MasterCard transactions are in the process of being certified).

What material are your products made of?

98% of our products are made of high quality fiberglass (FRP) and DEKRA certified. Some newer articles are also available in carbon fiber.

Are your products specific to my vehicle?

Yes, all the articles developed by us are 100% specific to the vehicle in question, no modifications, corrections or any kind of changes are required to perfectly fit our parts.

Are the pieces sold painted?

No, for reasons of quality and warranty the parts are supplied only with factory finish.

Are your products guaranteed?

Yes of course. Our store guarantees all the products it sells. Product warranty is provided by manufacturers or importers thereof.
In cases of defect or malfunction of the same, they should be referred to our technicians who will take the necessary measures.
For this, the return code must be obtained with us, together with the procedure instructions.

If I do not like the item purchased, can I return it?

Of course! Under the Consumer Act, you may return items that are in disagreement with your expectations.
The product may not have been used and should be sealed in its original packaging and condition.
To return an item simply request a return code, via email.

How to buy?

1- Click on the product you want;
2- Click the Add Icon;
3- Click the “Order” button.
4- Register in 10 seconds.
5- Select the Payment Method.
6 – Okay, now follow the online delivery

How can I pay for my order?

You can choose one of the following payment methods:
In this system, the debit on the card is automatic and safe.
CTT (Postal Refund)
In this mode you pay and withdraw your order in the mail at the time of delivery.
You need to make phone verification for orders via postal reimbursement by CTT.
You will receive a letter of notice, for payment and withdrawal at the nearest CTT agency, of your order.
The mail employee is not aware and can not know what the contents of the package are.
We recommend that the withdrawal payment be made in kind (cash), as some agencies do not accept checks for such cases.

How can I track my order?

When you make your purchases in the online store you receive an automatic Confirmation of Your Order email with the link to follow the status of the Order (Order Status) through the Internet.
In this link you can verify the data such as the date of order confirmation, date of despatch and number of dispatch knowledge.
In addition, you will have a “MY SHOPPING” link direct from SITE – www.ibherdesign.com to track your order.

How long does an order take?

Ibherdesign has all its products in stock, except stock ruptures identified in the online store.
Therefore, sending the order occurs immediately after one of the following conditions is satisfied:
Confirmation of debit on the Credit Card or
PAYPAL payment confirmation or
Telephone confirmation for orders via postal reimbursement by CTT.
The deadlines for confirmation and ordering are as follows (depending on the payment method chosen):
CREDIT CARD: Immediate.
PAYPAL: Immediate.
CTT: (postal reimbursement): Immediate, after telephone contact for confirmation.
The delivery time provided by CTT may be subject to some variation, so it is for reference only.
The deadlines given below are just a reference and are based on information provided by the CTT company itself.
We are not responsible for compliance with these deadlines.
Continental Portugal: 2 working days
Portugal Islands: 5 working days
Europe (members): up to 6 business days
Europe (non-members): up to 8 business days
Shipments outside Europe are subject to varying delivery times, as well as international and border regulations, please contact us before you make your purchases.

How much will I pay for delivery of my order?

The value of the shipping costs is indicated in the act of finalizing the order, the value is calculated according to the number of pieces and volume of the package.

I bought a product that was defective. What I do?

Do not worry. Contact us, informing us of your data and the defect that the product is presenting. Remember to keep the product in its original packaging and condition in case it needs to be replaced.
You will receive an email with an answer to the problem.
There is no change of painted or modified material.
We recommend that all parts be tested before any paint preparation.

I want to buy but I'm afraid to do it on the internet. What I do?

There are 2 options.
1) You can choose payment and shipping by CTT to Charge and only pay in the withdrawal of the order in the mail or
2) You can choose to withdraw the products and make the purchase in our facilities
Open from Monday to Saturday:
10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Closed on Sundays and Holidays.

Do you ship outside of Portugal?

Yes, we ship worldwide.
Contact us.